Friday, October 11, 2013


It's time, once again, for Five Minute Friday - 5 minutes of unedited text, flowing from the inspiration of the weekly prompt, provided by the lovely Lisa-Jo. Read on, then join in!

There's a photography project I do occasionally: to document everything that happens for 7 days. Not holidays or vacations or special occasions - ordinary days. The purpose of the exercise is to help you capture the small moments that make up the bigger picture of our lives, preserving and collecting them so that you can see how many there are and how they fit into the overall mosaic of our lives.

It's a project I keep returning to - a lesson that needs to be relearned from time to time. Because I forget too quickly.

   I forget the Grace that woke me up this morning, with a sunrise and a cool breeze, a smiling baby and a cup of tea.
   I forget the peace that passes understanding, that washes over me and fills me up, when I finally let go and let God.
   I forget the Mercy that keeps giving me second - and eighty-second - chances, even when I'm slower to forgive and forget than I should be.
   I forget the beauty that's found in the things I see every day - from artist and artisan, stars and sunrises, butterflies and blue eyes... how shallow of me to think of anything as common!
   I forget the Love that is poured out, undeserved, on me from my husband, my family, my friends, and most inexplicably, God Himself.

There are so many overwhelmingly extraordinary moments surrounding me that after a time I begin to take them for granted --- but sometimes, I need to stop and remember that there are no ordinary days.


Nita Holiday said...

This is so true -- there are no ordinary moments. We get acclimated to all the hints of the divine all around us, don't we? This is a great reminder to be awake to them today.

Boni Lady said...

It's so easy to get caught up in the ordinary days of life that we forget the amazing GREATNESS that every day is full of because of HIM!

Great post!