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Sixteen weeks! Not quite four months (that won't happen for a few more weeks - why couldn't there have been just one more narcissistic Roman emperor, so we could tidily have 13 months in the year?) but still getting to be a very big girl!

With very big opinions. She and I have been sharing a sniffle, which is a partial contributor, but she takes both hands at all times and then some, even on a good day. I haven't been getting much done around the apartment, since she's decided lately to get her sleep in 5-15 minute increments, eat every hour, and refuse to be put down (and since she's been congested, I've been going along with it to keep her from getting upset and complicating her already stuffed-up nose).

[photo credit: Four-Legged Bird]

She does like to Go and Do, though. We visited the Farm Fresh Vintage Market twice this past weekend (on Friday afternoon with my Mum, then on Saturday morning with Adam's mom). It's an adorable handmade/vintage/repurposed show - it was big enough to be worth the drive to Prairie Grove and the $2 admission, but small enough that you could enjoyably look at everything without either feeling completely exhausted or like you'd missed something. This was their first year, but they're planning to make it an annual event. I'm already looking forward to next year's!

I found a tutu for Brooklyn that she was absolutely delighted with, though it's still a bit big for her yet. I mentally designed a sweater to go with it, so hopefully I'll have it made by the time her tiny waist fills out enough to wear it (she gains her weight a pound at a time, and she's up to almost 13lbs now, but it's all length and no chunk).

There were also some lovely glass pendant necklaces made with scraps from vintage feed sacks - I got one for myself and a couple as Christmas gifts, and it sparked an idea... I want to instill in Brooklyn a desire for giving that's greater than her desire for getting (who am I kidding? I need to work on that, myself) and teach her (preferably through example) to think of others before herself. But to not only consider the person who'll receive the gift, but the source, as well. There is so much waste and social injustice in our culture today - so this year, and I hope every year to come, I'm going to have a Local Christmas. I'm going to love whatever city I'm living in by supporting local artists and artisans directly if at all possible, and local businesses if not. It helps them, and it's great for me because I'll be assured unique gifts from quality materials. I'm going to document the quest (as much as I can without spoilers!) on this blog. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone else who would like to join me, where ever you are, in celebrating a local Christmas!

For knitters, Socktober began yesterday. I love having whole months designated for things (NaKniSweMo is also a favorite of mine), and this gives me motivation to try to finish and publish Wrapped Around Her Finger. We shall see... I got Brooklyn's little green chevron sweater finished, but it needs a bit of adjusting, so hopefully I can do that and get it photographed and published in time for next week's post.

Another thing that happened yesterday was Adam's and my second anniversary. He surprised me by taking the day off work, and came bearing a biography and collected works of Robert Burns to complete my poetry collection (I had mentioned awhile ago that he was the only poet I lacked, and he took note). The past two years have been a sanctifying adventure (that I wouldn't trade for anything) and I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives together!

I try not to get political on the internet (a very dangerous thing to do - anything you say can be taken horrifically out of context, and people polarize so quickly, especially on Facebook, which I'm actively avoiding right now), but I am going to close with this (that I feel applies no matter which side you support during the current government shutdown, or who you believe to be at fault):
"First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thankgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of truth." [1 Timothy 2:1-4]


Cassy said…
Brooklyn is so much bigger! In the blink of an eye... I've been making toddler socks for Socktober this year. I'm on my 3rd pair, since small feet are so much easier to knit for than large feet. Sounds like you're doing well. :)

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