Friday, October 18, 2013


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Laundry list: a list of characteristics or items that are generally considered to be mundane or distasteful.

I love clothes. I enjoy shopping, which I approach more as curating a collection than as procuring coverings (everything I have I look at as a photo prop, so I seek the versatile and the unique). I revel in the quest for garments that will compliment and coordinate with each other, and, more especially, with my knits... and then the knits. Finding the perfect yarn for a project, or being inspired by the yarn itself --- altogether, I spend quite a bit of thought, energy, and creativity on what I wear.

Until I take it off at the end of the day. I mean, I'll neatly fold the knits and get the everyday wear in the general vicinity of a hamper - but there my interest ends. It's the same with cooking: when I still lived with my parents, I would do anything to get out of cleaning the kitchen once I was finished. Mum told me that if I became a chef, then I could have a sous chef to wash the dishes, but that until then, it was my task to see that the kitchen looked the same when I left it as it had when I arrived (which was spotless - my Mum is a clean person).

But laundry is definitely both mundane and distasteful in my book --- and I think that it's the mundaneness that makes it distasteful. There's no adventure in laundry; even if we go to a laundromat instead of having machines of our own, it's still the same repetitive process of put in washer, wait, put in dryer, wait, fold or hang, wear... repeat. The wearing changes - what you wear it with, where you go, what you do in it, who you're with - and you create memories and experiences, but the washing is always the same.

I need to shift my perspective... to not only see the adventures-that-could-be as I put my wardrobe back at the starting line for the upcoming week, but also to embrace the fact that not every moment is an adventure. There are quiet times, too, that are good for thinking and for praying --- both of which I definitely need to do more!


Anonymous said...

What a dilemma! I actually would rather do laundry than any other household chore! I enjoy it and don't see it as much work. Maybe my system will help you

1. Dress in cozy lazy day sweats
2. Separate into colors by tossing the clothes on the floor in piles. Now the laundry is all over the floor and can not go unnoticed
3. Put a load in, spritz other clothes with preferred stain remover
4. While one set is washing, go ahead and fold the other. Time yourself to see how fast you can fold clothes in one sitting. Repeat

Feel free to express your creative side and frustration with the existence of dirty laundry by flinging it in the air, throwing it at your partner, or simply flopping ontop of it and trying to absorb it into your body.
If none of this helps, start a bonfire...


Sarah Jo Burch said...

You have officially turned it into a sport - that I might actually enjoy! :)

Hannah B said...

Laundry bores the heck out of me, too. I'm working on appreciating the beauty in the everyday, too.

Kayla said...

If it were not for meeting a wonderful friend at a laundromat, I would agree with the mundane and distasteful perspective you espouse. :) I also revel in the wonder of having my own washing machine and dryer after nearly two years of married-life-laundromat washings...

That being said, I am by no means prompt or regular in my frequency of laundry-doing. So I get where you're coming from. A never ending (did we ever officially "begin" doing laundry?) cycle of sameness. Prosaic, I believe is another word. But these are the things memories can be made of.

Soon you'll have a little laundry helper. She'll make it a bit more enjoyable, I bet!