Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Brooklyn was a little hard to photograph this morning - she's becoming more attuned to/interested in noises, and there were Things Happening outside that were far more fascinating than the camera (I'll admit that the squeaks and screeches coming from a nearby construction site are more than a little distracting).

She's become a fan of crinkly things, also. They're mesmerizing - she'll look at it intently, with her hands folded cautiously, and then pounce. It always ends up being wadded up and stuffed into her mouth - amazingly, it still crinkles.

Another interesting thing is legwarmers. Why don't they come all the way up? That kept her entertained during our Socktober photoshoot on Saturday --- behold, Wrapped Around Her Finger, complete! The yarn is incredibly soft, and was a perfect match for the project! (and I have a little left for... something!)

Next design in progress (one word: ruffles!) is a bind off and some ends away from being complete (I love large gauge projects!) so hopefully we can shoot it this weekend. I also discovered the legwarmers I was making for myself last winter, one complete and one partial, and (thanks to my overly detailed record-keeping system) managed to also find the pattern notes. It's that time of year again, so I'll see about finishing those (and it's been long enough that I've come to terms with the greyish-blue one-by-one twisted ribbing).

I'm also plotting a warm cowl for myself, worked in 3 graded shades of natural alpaca (black, grey and white). I haven't yet decided how I'd like to transition between the colors, so I put it to a vote. As of this writing, B has a slim lead - and if you haven't already, I'd appreciate your input!

It's a cozy time of year. Part of my recent effort to become more domestic (outdoorsy wild-and-woolly being that I am, I think "feral" might better describe my nature...) has been to burn candles to make our apartment smell less like whatever-our-neighbors-are-cooking (enchiladas, I think. It smells delicious, what so e'er it be.) Adam likes candles, and I like candles - though, my favorite part is blowing them out - and Brooklyn likes to watch the shadows dance on the wall.

Another attempt to combat the neighbors' delicious dinners has been making my own good-smelling foods. My sister-in-law and I had a conversation about avocados that led to her sharing this recipe with me (baked avocados with eggs and bacon). Three things that I like all together equal a delicious smelling and tasting meal that doesn't involve gluten or dairy (I actually think that cheese would detract from this). Adam won't touch them (more for me!) but he was incredibly excited to find a tub of cold cooked bacon in the refrigerator (not my favorite - more for him!)

I also refreshed our cork chalkboard. The verse I had written on it had been there for so long that Adam had stopped looking at it, then renoticed it and thought it was a new verse (oops). So while Brooklyn and I were practicing peace a few days ago, I washed it clean and found some song lyrics and a new verse (Song of Solomon 6:3) for it.

While I'm not generally a follower of others' trends, I do like the idea of commemorating each Small Person with a bit of shiny - and Bella Vita is a favorite local(ish) artist of mine. I worked out the specifics of this bangle with Brandy over email, and it arrived last week. This way, as opposed to a necklace with a charm for each child, I can stack different bracelets - fun, and I can find one by an artist from whatever state we're in at the time, to make it more meaningful. I especially love the slightly irregular pearl that she chose - beautiful and unique, and perfect!

It doesn't seem like it should be time for Brooklyn's monthly update letters again - but it is! I enjoy getting to use my pretty paper and pen and address stamp from Shindig Paperie, and relive all of the cute and funny moments from the past month. It's a good exercise in focusing on the happy moments, and not being stressed by the negative ones --- which is something that I'm working on!

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