Thursday, September 5, 2013

Here and There

Twelve whole weeks! Brooklyn's most recent development has been a noticeable improvement in motor control - now she can grab an object and hold onto it, and sometimes she can get it in her mouth (and the other times, she puts the fist that's holding the object in her mouth, instead :)

It's comical (to me - she finds it somewhat frustrating after awhile). She's also still trying very hard to sit up on her own, but that usually ends in a brief moment of triumph followed by a faceplant. It's a work in progress.

No longer a work in progress: the gloves I started last week! I'm really happy with how they turned out. The original pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, and I persist in believing that sock yarn held double equals DK, but I've never actually put that theory into practice in someone else's pattern. To my relief, it worked and also broke up the blotches potentially created by the kettle-dyed Shibui Sock I was using.

I also managed a wee calligraphy project, in memorium of Seamus Heaney (poet and translator/narrator of my favorite translation/audio version of Beowulf). In response to a comment asking if I knew the Anglo word for worship off the top of my head - yes, I did. And my use of it in a Five Minute Friday post was a direct result of having spent the morning on this project.

Adam knows that I have the first few pages of Beowulf memorized, and also that I have a small piggy bank filled with foreign coins (mostly from my Dad - he did avionics, interiors, for awhile, and would find lost change when the seats were taken out) so he knew I would appreciate the British penny he spotted in a parking lot. It's still a quest for me - trying to find currency from other countries, mixed in with ours...

Another thing that I quest is journals. As soon as I retire my Inevitable Black Moleskine, I buy a replacement so that I'll have it when I need it, and last time I couldn't resist Tolkien's map of the Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit. It had been released for the movie, but the book is my favorite work of fiction. I've been saving it for awhile, so I was excited when I got to start using it a few weeks ago.

Also a few weeks ago, I started a new reading plan. I've continued the habit I began at the beginning of August of Instagramming a shot of a passage that stands out (to document it, and as a personal system of accountability) and Romans 15:5-7 stood out to me last Sunday. A much-needed reminder before attending worship to engage in community - on Sundays, and every subsequent day of the week. I know first-hand the impact that community can have (especially during more transient points on one's circle of life, like college, internships, and temporary jobs or homes) but sometimes, I need to be reminded.

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