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Expression of Preference

Growing fast! She's currently in the depths of a protest - she was mildly fussy this morning, but then Adam stopped by for a minute. She reached for him and started doing her "let's go!" bounce, smiling and giggling. We walked him down to his car --- and then he handed her back to me and left. Not a happy girl. We'll go for a walk soon, and see if I can redeem my reputation from being the UnFun One.

She's been getting to have Just Daddy Time on Sunday evenings - I'm helping with a college girls' Bible study, and I've been leaving an hour or so early in order to Practice Peace with my Bible, my journal and a soy latte (I really hope Brooklyn outgrows her dairy allergy soon). It's good - I can clear my head and prepare for the upcoming week, and Brooklyn can take advantage of the fact that Adam will feed her every time she asks (we do feeding-on-demand, within reason - but at this point, I think it's reasonable for her to go a couple of hours without eating. She, one the other hand, does not.) And Adam enjoys the time with her, since he's gone at work during the day, and sometimes for several days for Army stuff, and he misses things.

Yesterday she decided that it was time to figure out the Sitting Up thing. She was a wee bit overenthusiastic - she could get sat up, but then she would tip forward onto her tummy (which she positively despises). So I would rescue her. We repeated the process for a couple of hours before she decided that maybe tomorrow would be a better day to learn on.

She would rather explore things with her feet than her hands, still. My Mum held her up to a fuzzy variety of horehound that's planted on the Square and she happily kicked it, then tried to trap a leaf between her toes and pick it. And when Adam sat her in the grass, she did grab a fistful of it but was far more interested in digging her heels into the funny prickly stuff.

While visiting the Farmer's Market with my parents on Saturday, we got to photoshoot my linen tank. This is Modern Nymph and I am very, very pleased with how it turned out. To the extent that I'm tempted to make another one in a different color combination... I like the effortless neckline, the striping sequence of narrow handdye and broad solid, the drape of the linen fabric - and, given my utter inexperience in designing an upper-body garment with shaping (everything I've done up to this point was open in the front so it didn't matter), I feel like it worked out pretty well.

Next design-in-progress is coming along nicely. Socks are a bit more portable than Modern Nymph was, and I've already got one finished, so hopefully I'll have them completed and up soon. There's also going to be a matching pair of legwarmers for Brooklyn, because I'm sappy that way, and because I don't want to waste a single yard of the delicious yarn, and because they will match her new winter shoes (Bigfoot outgrew her first pair - we've graduated to the 6-12 month size!)

We've settled into a semi-routine of naps and baths and walks and bedtimes --- which I'm sure just means that things are about to change again. But what is life without a little adventure?


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