Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I had to go back and look at last week's shot to double-check the number when I was captioning this one - fifteen didn't seem right, somehow. Brooklyn was excited about having her picture taken - she's been excited about everything lately, except naps. There's so much life to live, I guess sleeping during daylight hours is a waste of time. ;)

I'll admit, the arrival of Autumn and perfectly cool weather reenergized me, too. I feel like I come out of some sort of hibernation as the temperature starts to drop... I wore boots the other day, and a fedora isn't a sickeningly sweaty thought anymore, and thoughts in general seem to come in more clearly.

Our evening walks are getting longer... instead of a 20 minute quest to the grocery store we've been going on a one or two hour loop. We usually stop by the gas station for Icees and to chat with the girls who work there (Brooklyn is building a neighborhood fan club, beginning with one of our next-door neighbors and working outward from there) but we may be about to have to switch to the coffee shop, instead.

It's also nice enough that walks don't have to wait until the sun goes down - I wrote about Shindig Paperie a year or so ago when they first opened, and yesterday we took a stroll down Block Street to visit their lovely new location, which opened on Monday.

My favorite local paper shop is now conveniently/unfortunately close to my other favorite places: I can park at the Library, get a cup of coffee from Arsaga's, walk up Mountain Street to the Square (best done on Market days!), pop into Terra Tots and The Mustache, and Shindig Paperie is now two doors before Hand Held.

It's a great place for them - very aesthetically pleasing, artistically located below street level, and with more space and a better layout than their original location (which was adorable, but a wee bit cramped if there was more than one purse-carrying customer in there at a time).

I hope they do well there - it's a much more convenient location (and not just for me), easier to spot and easier to get to, and hopefully the surrounding businesses will both benefit from their existing customers, as well as introducing some new people to their gorgeous array of paper goods.

Since I was in the area, I went into Hand Held to do some scouting for my next year-long project. The year I was 21, I did Project 365 (a photo a day) and I was looking for something to do for 25 next year - then Theo told me about Knit the Sky. I loved the idea (with a few modifications, of course, because I can't leave anything alone) and found an array of pretty blues and greys to use.

I won't start it until next June, but that gives me time to collect the yarn (Koigu and Blue Sky Alpacas Metalico are a gorgeous and worth-it investment) and plan how I'm going to do it.

In the mean time, I've nearly finished the sock part of my next design, and I'm simultaneously working on a sweater for Brooklyn so that she can keep wearing her summer clothes. She's still wearing her 0-3 month things (except in socks and shoes, or things like footie pajamas) and there are a few outfits that are too cute to put away just yet.

We're establishing our own routines and traditions as a family, but there's a new season coming, and it's bringing change with it. I can catch glimpses of the path ahead between the tree trunks, but not the whole thing. In the meantime, I'll enjoy the journey and the community of people I'm traveling with. :)

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