Friday, August 30, 2013


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Weorthscipe --- the Old English word from which we derive our word "worship," meaning "to attribute worth to." So how often do I attribute worth to God?

When I wake in the morning, am I grateful for the life given to me by One who has no need of rest, and humbled by the reminder that I cannot survive without it, without Him?

When I walk outside into the summer heat, blinded by sunlight and deafened by jarflies, do I thank Him for His promise that as long as the earth remains, summer and winter will continue? Do I praise Him for His glorious creation, and marvel at the majesty of One who can speak light into being?

When I end my day with a sense of accomplishment and completeness, do I remember that it is through His providence, His grace, His strength, and His mercy that anything good came of the day - not my day, but His day - the day that He made?

How often do I stop to worship?


Steph Spencer said...

I love your little tidbit about the source of the word worship. Did you know that off the top of your head?

I think it's so important that we live with a sense of worship, not just sing with a sense of worship. You hit the nail on the head!

Hopping over from for Five Minute Friday.

Jess said...

Stopping by from Five Minute Friday! :)

I'm a lover of words and their origin/meanings. So, when you started off your post with the Old English word for worship. I got super excited! Very awesome.

And I ask myself the same question. How often am I giving worth through my worship? None of it would be possible without His provision like you said! I've been in a bit of a dry spell lately, but there is no reason for it. Thankfully, I feel God pulling me out of it and the worship is sweeter than ever. It's not meaningless. There is great worth to be given to Him. :)