Wednesday, August 14, 2013

While She is Sleeping...

Nine whole weeks! The biggest development this week has been the beginnings of a routine (that may all fall apart when Adam gets back on Saturday, but it's been nice while it's lasted...) She's still going to bed at midnight nearly every night, but she's also added a fairly consistent 4 hour afternoon nap.

I'm trying to encourage the nap thing by being home in the afternoons, and encourage the bedtime thing by having a predictable routine before bed. We've been going for a walk in the evenings (it's been rather October outside...) and taking a bath (she likes the bath - warm water is funny, and it's fun to be wrapped up in a towel afterwards) at the same time every night.

A good thing about her taking longer naps (instead of getting her sleep in 20 minutes increments throughout the day) is that it allows me to get things done. Things like showers, and eating, and cleaning, and reading (lovely book, very pretty, lent by a knitting friend), and sometimes a nap for myself...

I've even gotten to knit some, and I have high hopes of being able to finish this tank top in time to wear it this year! I'm only a few inches away from the arm holes, and it's coming along nicely (that said, when I laid it out for an over-all inspection yesterday, it looked like my gauge had tightened at some point - we'll see how that affects the finished outcome...)

She had her two-month appointment on Monday (so nice that we haven't needed to go to the doctor other than for her regular check ups!) and was declared to be doing well. She took her shots bravely (after some initial indignation, for which I cannot say that I blame her) and the pediatrician said that her eyes will probably stay the beautiful grey-blue that they've become (I was hoping they would :)

Every day she grows and develops new bits of personality and new opinions and preferences, and every day she looks more and more like a Little Person. It's such an adventure watching her grow!

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