Saturday, August 24, 2013

Three Days Late

Ten weeks old - double digits!

She's beginning to express a wider range of emotions: if you talk to her, she'll smile and giggle and "talk" back - she's developed a devastatingly pathetic pout - and she's discovered her eyebrows, and knows how to use them.

My Dad read her Dr Seuss's ABC book (a childhood favorite of mine - I think Mum can probably still quote the entire thing from memory) and she enjoyed it. Though, she wasn't the least bit interested in the pictures - it was the letters that caught her eye. I also caught her staring intently at the writing on one of my Tshirts.

I managed to complete my list of goals before Adam got home... not that it was a long list, but tasks like reorganizing my clothes and putting away the mound of clean laundry that's been living on my dresser for longer than I care to admit, which should have only taken a few hours, ended up taking several days due to Brooklyn's belief that paying attention to her was far more important than messing with boring old clothes.

We're both very glad to have him home (for now - he has a lot of Army schools coming up over the next 8ish months, leading up to a potential deployment), but there are certain adventures that we can only really have when he's gone (he's not a fan of my Farmer's Marketing technique - once around the Square to go in The Mustache and Terra Tots, once around to get coffee, once around to look at flowers, once around to decide on flowers, once around to get flowers, continue going around with flowers until coffee is gone... I can't imagine why he wouldn't find that enjoyable ;)

Not that we don't have all-together adventures, they're just a different sort. Like field tripping to Bentonville to get yarn for Brooklyn's bear. I discovered this pattern (an English one from WWI) several years ago, and said that I would make one for each kid I had (if I had kids - this was before I even met Adam) and that each one would be unique. I thought long and hard about what colors to use for this one; to me, colors have meanings, and I wanted this to be accurate. In the end, I decided on the strength, confidence, and independence of orange - tempered with the calm peacefulness of green for the leggings. We'll see if my prediction of her personality holds true...

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