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I almost forgot to take a weekly update picture this morning - it didn't seem like it had been a week since the last one. Time seems to have sped up; how can she be eleven weeks old already?! but also to have slowed down; she's changed so much in so short a time. I suppose that's how it always is, though.

She's sitting propped up on the couch next to me as I type, and we're discussing what to write (that is, I'm babbling aloud about which picture should go next and she's responding in the tongue of babies and angels that I have, sadly, long since forgotten). She certainly has an opinion - though I don't know if it pertains to the post, or to what I'm eating for lunch (on a side note, I am so grateful to be past whatever weird pregnancy hormone made it impossible for me to be in the same building as Adam's delicious spaghetti without being sick).

It's fun that she's starting to want to participate more - but frustrating, I'm sure, for her, since she can't do much yet. She can't quite sit up on her own (although she tries valiantly), but she is beginning to be able to hold onto things. I have some brightly-colored silicone bracelets that she enjoys waving around, if only briefly. She's also noticed her toes but can't. quite. reach them. She's definitely determined, though - and demonstrating a personality that's looking more and more like mine with each passing day. Good, in that I'll know how she's wired. Bad, in that I'm strong-willed, independent, and opinionated - which may be good traits in moderation, but I fear may lead to war later on (but, realizing that now gives me more time to pray about it. Any verse suggestions on patience and humility would be deeply appreciated!)

We ventured to Hobby Lobby and the Himalayan shop on Block St a few days ago to get supplies for an experiment. There really needs to be a sun shade for her on my car window, but the boughten ones are (in my opinion) overpriced and less than attractive. So I'm going to try to make one. I'm going to sew it, so I won't have to worry about finding an adhesive that will hold up in heat and cold, and my sewing machine is at my parents' house - but I'll take pictures once I finish it, whenever that is, and whether it works out or not. :)

In the mean time, I've been working on a new batch of felt vessels for The Four-Legged Bird. Oddly (to me) the solid ones are selling better than the stripes, so I've been replenishing the solid supply. Hopefully I (or Mum) can felt them when I go over there to make the window-shade. The bowls take me about 1-2 hours to knit - and I've been barely managing one a day. You would think that I could muster 90 minutes out of the 960 there are in a 16 hour day, even if only a few at a time... but, apparently not.

Brooklyn is highly fascinated by the knitting, though. She likes to sit and watch, and sometimes try to kick it (she's funny - she doesn't really want to grab things with her hands. She's more interested in using her feet...) I've been letting her feel the yarn and telling her what animal it comes from - and sometimes we smell it (what? she likes smelling things, and it's a potential tool for identifying the fiber.)

It's so much fun watching my tiny minion --- I mean, daughter --- grow and develop and become more and more like a person every day. But with personality comes adamant opinions, and it is her opinion right now that this post is long enough and we should do something else. :) 'Til later!


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