Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carpe Diem

(Almost) two months old! She's done a lot of developing this past month, even just in the past week, and after two weeks dairy-free, her tummy troubles have cleared up and her mystery rash is also gone (totally worth not being able to have milk chocolate or a mocha for another year - those are the things I'm currently missing most).

She smiled some before, but she's beginning to smile more responsively of late. She also rolled over a few days ago (tummy to back), out of annoyance at being made to have Tummy Time on her playmat, but she was a little uncertain as to what had just happened so she hasn't done it again.

I suspect that she's made such strides in the past week because Adam's out of town on Army business. Brooklyn's taking advantage of his absence to attempt developmental milestones (we got to see him for a minute yesterday and he looked at her and said, "She's grown!") and I've been making foods that I normally don't want to scent our apartment with, out of deference to him (silly non-fish-eater!) Hopefully I can get rid of the smell before he gets back...

I've also been tidying madly. He's tidy and I'm clean ("tidy" is the dishes in the dishwasher but spaghetti sauce all over the stove and counter - "clean" is the dishes in the sink but the stove and counters wiped down) but there hasn't been a lot of tidying or cleaning going on lately. However, even I have a point at which the untidiness begins to grate my nerves, so I decided that a pleasant surprise for Adam might be to come home to a neat apartment. Thus far I've nearly completed a thorough reworking of our living room and I'm almost finished with Brooklyn's room (which never has really been put together).

Part of the living room was to reorganize my bookcase. I wanted to make a shelf for Brooklyn, at her level, but I had already gone through the process of fitting two cases' worth of books into one (I let Adam have my other one when we moved into Woodway) and to then fit five shelves onto four seemed a bit hopeless. But I succeeded, and now not only does Brooklyn have her own shelf, but I managed to get all of my inspiring books at my eye level. And it looks a lot better...

Another project I've been working on while Adam's gone is to read and journal through the book of Acts (with 28 chapters, it divides conveniently by two weeks, which is how long his Annual Training lasts). It's always interesting to reread something carefully that I'm familiar with, and this time I have a friend who's reading and discussing it with me (which keeps me accountable to actually think about what I've read, instead of reading it and then moving on.)

So much organizing - inside and out! It's the New Planner time of year, and I'm attempting a fresh start in every disorganized area of my life (hmm, that was redundant - every area of my life is disorganized...)

I'm looking forward to the coming months, with Brooklyn getting bigger and more like a Real Person every day, and students returning and school starting back, and everything settling into a new routine. Change is coming, and I can't wait to see what God has planned for us!

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