Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Squared

Three weeks old! Brooklyn's gotten exponentially more awake and alert and interactive over the past week, which makes adventures much more fun and much more adventuresome.

She's also gotten bigger (mostly length, not weight), which means that we can use the Moby Wrap (best baby-related invention ever). She likes looking around at the wide world - for the first five minutes, and then she falls asleep. It means that, in order to avoid the carseat as much as possible, I have to plan my errands around "where can I park that I will be able to walk everywhere I want to go?" but I've always done that, anyway.

a not-baby picture! O_o

Yesterday we ventured forth for the first time just-us (before, we've had Adam or my Mum as back up), parked at the Library and then hiked up Mountain St (aptly named) to Handheld. I got to visit and knit on Artosphere (which is very close to being finished, and then I get to felt it and see what happens!) and Brooklyn got kissed, petted and generally admired. We both had a nice afternoon :)

The picture doesn't do the colors of this linen justice. The bottom ball is a solid Louet Euroflax and the top is a variegated Prism hand dye of the same yarn (Laura Bryant plus linen is a gorgeous combination!) I had it on hold with plans to knit a summer tank from it post-baby, and I snagged it yesterday as my birthday project (because Cynthia is the sweetest!) Once Artosphere is finished, I plan to start on it.

Just-living-life with my little girl is just as awesome as I hoped it would be - and I'm looking forward to lots more adventures together!

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