Saturday, July 13, 2013

Adventure is Out There

Four weeks old! It's been a month full of discoveries - the most recent of which is that I'm boring and it's much more fun, in Brooklyn's opinion, to spend afternoons out 'n' about (rather than at home). That works for me - I'm a wanderer by nature, so we can wander together.

See? Boooring.

So this morning we went to the Farmer's Market, where there were many interesting things to see and hear, and also a very large dog who barked very loudly, which was slightly traumatic so we had to go in Handheld to look at the pretty colors and recover. (Being generally admired greatly speeds the recovery process - and she's adorable and she knows it ;)

As long as there is something interesting to look at, she'll let me knit. This is the beginning of a linen tank - I've just started the stripes and they're as subtle as I was hoping they would be. I'm doing 3 rounds of the solid and 2 rounds of the multi, and skewing the fabric down the center so that they won't just go straight across (knitting is so amazing...)

Artosphere, complete! My journey to accept beauty in all of its forms produced a lovely product - 60000 stitches felted into a soft fabric and all of the lumpiness that comes with knitting laceweight on biggish needles washed away. The meticulously knitted original had more imperfections than the finished piece after it had been subjected to heat, cold, and watery agitation with one of my Dad's Army uniforms... perhaps the greatest beauty is to be found in the things that we loosen our controlling grip on?

Because I have to have a green project going at all times, the next thing I'm plotting (for Brooklyn) is a tiny cardigan to go with this dress that a couple of knitting friends gave her. The Koigu is out of my stash - I dug out all my greens to find one that matched the dress, and ended up having to make a choice between three different yarns (can't tell what my favorite color is, oh, no.) I don't have a concrete idea of how I'm going to do it yet, but I think it will have ruffles on the cuffs... we shall see.

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