Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Seated Task

Five weeks old! This has been an ...interesting... week. Brooklyn has refused to be laid down to sleep (she'll sleep for 20 minutes, then wake up and make it known that she is deeply offended at her abandonment) so she hasn't been put down for over a week (she'll lay next to me if I'm sitting somewhere, but she has this weird ability to sense when I leave the room).

She's sleeping well that way, at least, which is good, but it's created a quandary for me --- because there is only so much that I can get done one handed or while sitting on the couch. I enjoy watching her sleep, but I also sort of need to eat a few times a day, showers are kind of nice, and if the dishwasher is never emptied of clean dishes then the mountain of dirty dishes that is collecting on the counter and on the stove and in the sink can never be washed.

One of the things that I can still do is knit (which adds to my guilt - at the end of the day, when the apartment is a wreck and the only person who is fresh and clean and fed is Brooklyn, but I've managed to get several inches of knitting done, I feel like my priorities are off, somehow...) How e'er it be, the linen tank is progressing nicely. I like how the stripes are working up, and how quickly it's working up, and I'm looking forward to wearing it once it's finished.

I thought I might be able to validate my knitting by designing something for Brooklyn next. This is a new merino/cashmere/silk (drool!) sock yarn that Cynthia just got in at Handheld, and there's enough yarn there for a pair of legwarmers for Brooklyn and a pair of socks for me. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to make them matching, or do two different designs.

Mum got us this journal for Brooklyn at Shindig Paperie, and I started it on the day she was born so that someday she'll have a record of the first five years of her life. A sentence each evening (or morning...) is manageable, even if I'm really busy or, conversely, if nothing much happened that day. It lives by the couch (which is pretty much where we live) so it's handy to write in and I've been keeping up with it pretty well.

Life flows on and I flow with it - I've given up trying to find patterns for now and I'm embracing the unexpected and trying to relax and enjoy the ride.

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