Sunday, May 12, 2013


Things you never bother to buy because your mom always has some on hand... and then you move out.

- Cotton rounds. I've been removing nail polish with Qtips for over a year (tedious, rather).

- Thread. Not just plain white thread, either; thread in a dizzying array of colors that will match whatever button you're sewing back on.

- Sewing needles (to go with the thread, for the button that fell off).

- Rags. The only problem with starting fresh is that everything is new and nice and there are just certain things that you feel badly using a good washcloth or tea towel for.

- Twine (don't laugh at me; yarn is different). Again, for tying up things that will be stained, soaked, cooked, or otherwise maltreated.

- Rubbing alcohol (and peroxide, and antibiotic ointment, and something for mosquito bites). Those things that you rarely use, but generally need when you need them.

- A vase. Odd sounding, perhaps, but it's not something you think of until you've got a dripping bouquet and nothing to put it in.

- Random spices and flavorings. My mum being the cooker and baker that she is, if a recipe calls for something like nutmeg, turmeric or mint, it's probably in the cabinet. Adam and I have made do remarkably well with primarily garlic salt and lemon pepper.

- Also, random kitchen utensils. The specialized ones, like a scraper or a garlic smasher, or a particular kind of knife.

- Office supplies. Like paper clips. Another one of those things you don't think of (until some electronic device needs to be reset).

- Clothes pins. For clipping cereal bags, and tiny packages of beads and other small crafty supplies that you'd prefer not to escape after opening.

- Safety pins. and bobby pins. and ink pens that work... let's just say pins and pens of all kinds (for every sort of wardrobe or writing emergency).

- Stain removing solutions (Tide pens, Goo Gone, that sort of thing). And laundry detergent. But we still do laundry at parents' houses, so we still use theirs.

- Old recipe books and cards, and reference books (all out-of-print or with vital handwritten notations).

I'm sure there are other things that I'm forgetting, because I haven't needed them and not had them yet.

So, Mum, for all the things I borrowed without returning or used up without replacing, for always having everything I need (from cotton rounds to good advice) thank you --- and Happy Mother's Day!

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~melly said...

i reset my electronic devices with DPNs.