Thursday, May 30, 2013



The yarn bombing wasn't the only graffiti that happened at the Block Street Block Party - the kids had a grand time creating murals in front of The Mustache (pausing occasionally to gather inspiration from a nearby break dancer).

Another art form was a hand-carved wood block for printing at the Himalayan Mountain Shop. I cannot imagine trying to carve anything, much less words, much less words in Tibetan, backwards into a block of wood. This translates into a Buddhist prayer of compassion - I need to learn the patience and dedication to my own belief necessary to be willing to put this much effort and time into an expression of it!

Between the stalls, the stages and the passersby, the occasional yarn bomb showed its cheerful face. I liked how this one skewed gracefully around the pole, the curving diagonals contrasting with the stark vertical texture of the pole.

Another example of beautiful knitting: a collaborative blanket. My beloved knitters overwhelmed me with this masterpiece at a Handheld Thursday evening knit night/baby party. I love the character created by panels each made by a unique individual, along with the thoughtfulness in the efforts to consider not only the individuality of the maker but also the taste of the made-for in each design. Little Bee will get lots of use out of this for years to come.

Mum and I also collaborated (she started it - it was entirely her idea) on a Felted Vessel project. This was the first class I ever taught at Handheld (I'd been working there for about a month and they were short an instructor for an event. Joy sat me down and taught me how to use double-pointed needles to knit a woolly bowl in the round, sent me to the bathroom to hand felt it - then had me teach the class the next day) and one of Mum's favorite projects to make, so we both had a stash of them already made up.

[photo by Keith Caudle]

The Four-Legged Bird liked them enough to stock them in their adorable shop, and Little Red Hen Handknits came to be (hopefully). I hope that other people enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed making them - and either way, it's a venture we've been threatening to try for many years (the mother/daughter cottage craft business, not necessarily the bowls, specifically) and I'm glad we finally have. It will be an adventure, no matter the outcome.

Independently, I ended up unexpectedly designing a pair of gloves last week (desperation begets innovation, and my steering wheel gets very hot in the sun). I was already stopping by Handheld for yarn (yes, I work there two days a week, and yes, sometimes I go in on my days off) and a new cotton/linen blend had just come in in a color that caught my eye, so Heat Wave became the solution to my problem. I've been actually using them, and they work quite well.

Artosphere is coming along nicely, but since I can't photoshoot it until post baby (the shirt I have that goes with it doesn't exactly fit right now) I haven't quite finished it. I did finish an experiment named Dash of Spice, but that's another one that won't be shot until post baby, as it requires a wee model (also, I don't entirely trust the source I pulled my theoretical numbers from so I'd like to be certain that it will fit an actual Small Human). Let's hope Little Bee doesn't mind being adorable for a camera. :)

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