Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring has Sprung

April - now that's starting to sound like Spring! (I realize that Spring technically happened a few weeks ago, but it was snowing that day so it didn't seem very real at the time.)

While it has started to warm up, it was still a bit cool to be standing sock-footed in a creek. But it was worth it - the Mud Creek socks were a successful experiment in gusset and toe decrease placement, and a chance to play with a beautiful hand painted yarn from an American company.

A photoshoot during which not only were lots of excellent pictures taken, but no people, accessories, or expensive electronic devices were dropped in the water may be considered a success (there were several close calls, though!)

The rain we've had for the past few days raised the water level in the creek nicely and made pretty rushing ripples, but it also made sliding down a muddy bank and figuring out to get shoes and socks off and back on an adventure.

Remember the ill-fated Kaona that's been in time out for awhile? It got unraveled, and rose from its own crinkly coils as Patio Jam - much more fun, much more cooperative, and I'm really happy with the finished piece (if for no other reason than that I managed to work a tassel and a cluster of gypsy bells into it, so it jingles pleasantly when I move. Yes, I am easily amused.)

This is not my pattern (unusual, I know!) but a sweet fellow knitter gave me the yellow yarn, and it just begged to be made into a pair of duckie booties for Little Bee. The mental image of tiny feet kicking [them off, in all likelihood] and flapping was irresistible. :)

With that, I actually finished everything I had going (not including the time-out basket, but I never include that in my calculations - it's demoralizing), and I've begun the next design. Frisco Trail, coming soon!

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