Monday, April 15, 2013

Green Growing Things

The flowers are starting to bloom and the lettuce selection is beginning to include varieties other than iceberg - two things that make me very happy! (photo credit goes to Adam)

It's starting to be warm enough to do the things outside that you've been doing inside all winter. I spotted this reader on the Square and couldn't resist snapping a shot - she was so studious, and color-coordinated. I also loved that she was doing the sort of thing that I would have been doing had I not been sent on a quest that morning.

I still got to have my indoor-activities-outdoors, though, since Adam and I took Blockus to the park yesterday. (It was the only game we had that we didn't think would blow away in the breeze. Scrabble isn't much fun when it resets itself every few minutes, and Uno or Skip-Bo would have quickly devolved into 52 Card Pickup.)

Nightbird Books is a lovely place to wait for the rain to stop (while finishing the socks for the photoshoot that you're planning, post-April-showers.) Even if I'm not reading them at the moment, I still like to be surrounded by books. I was supporting Nightbird's birthday celebration/fundraiser while Adam was at UBC for an As Our Own pancake breakfast - it was nice to both be able to give to causes we support in ways that we would both enjoy (since I couldn't eat non-gf pancakes, and he wouldn't have had nearly as much fun digging through piles of Advanced Reader Copies as I did :)

The rain conveniently paused just as I finished my toe, so we were able to walk over to Arkansas Ave and take pictures in front of Old Main. The Spring Greens socks were an unplanned side project - I get this grand idea to start a pair of socks ("because they're so great and portable!") and then I end up just finishing them (because they're kind of addictive...)

As we finished, it started to rain again, but it waited until Adam was packing up his camera. And it was still a pleasant spring rain to walk back to the car in, not the nasty driving icy rain we've had up to now that makes me want to hibernate until it's over.

This week Adam is out of town for National Guard training, so I'm planning on finishing that hoodie and hopefully making some good progress on the next design. Or I may end up getting no knitting done at all but happily reading through the two Ted Dekker novels I picked up at Nightbird...

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