Monday, February 11, 2013

Looking Back, Moving Forward

11am. Normally, my brain is just now starting to function and I'm still working through my morning routine. But today had an early start - and thus far, it's been more than worth it. I had a deeply uplifting meeting with Taryn at Mama Carmen's, for one thing (which is definitely worth getting up early for :)

I also reread my notebook. Everywhere I go, my notebook goes, too. This one started on August 13th of last year and I filled in the last page yesterday. It's always interesting to see what I've been through and how I've grown and changed over the course of each one. Something in this one struck me - on the first day, from notes taken at a UBC college leadership retreat: "Turn habits into opportunities. If you frequent a place and others consistently frequent the same place, reach out to them. Don't form a holy huddle - in order to reach lost people, you have to know lost people." Then, from a few days ago: "Be intentional. Live your life's rhythm in a way that puts you in contact with the lost. If you need to eat (which, you do), then choose a place intentionally. Not for convenience - for the Gospel. We've been entrusted with the Good News of Christ - so, what are we doing with it?" It's taken half a year, but that has finally gone from being the copied words of a speaker to something that affects me enough that I've begun to live like I believe it.

Another thing that this notebook covered was quite a few designs. One of them is a reworking of the very first pattern I wrote, long ago for the public library's teen knitting club. I made it a little more grown-up, but at its roots, Ace of Diamonds is the same.

There was also a leap forward - the process of designing a sweater. Date Night challenged me in a lot of ways, but all of them were good and I ended up not only learning but also producing a garment that I like and will enjoy wearing.

The last notes in my just-finished notebook were from a Love the City meeting. At the encouragement of the leader of the initiative, and to keep fresh in my mind the change that's taken me 6 months (or more) to process, we're reading through For the City by Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter. Mark has started a book discussion group for it at Nightbird Books on Dickson Street (our first meeting is this Wednesday), and if the first chapter is any indicator, it's going to be an awesome read.

Time marches on, and I need to march with it. My day (and my week) are off to a good start - now, to maintain that momentum!

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