Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Adventures of Rawr, the Ordinary Everyday Dinosaur

When you place an order with Photojojo (awesome photography website), they send a tiny plastic dinosaur with your order. Utterly pointless yet very fun, and a perfect subject for testing out whatever photo goodie you happened to order. Rawr came with Adam's birthday present (a leather hand strap for his camera) and was such a happy shade of green that I thought it would be fun if I did a photography series of him having a normal day, beginning with breakfast and going through going to bed, and then put it together as a book for Little Bee once it's finished. I'll post the photos here and on Facebook as I take them, and then reorganize them into day-sequence order after I have them all. After this, I may also do a seek-and-find version, with him hidden in pictures. We'll see.

The name was a joint effort on our part - I had gotten a lot of good name suggestions, all male, and Adam mentioned that a stegasaurus was a relatively feminine dinosaur, as dinosaurs go. "Something like a T-Rex, that's more boyish," he said. "More... rawr?" I answered. And thus the name.

Here are the first three shots:

Eating frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf - Adam let him try the chocolate mint (sadly, that picture blurred).

Waiting in the warm car and playing with the radio while Adam ran into the grocery store.

And finally (for now) sharing my sandwich. It is entirely possible that I will have way too much fun with this project...

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