Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Singin' in the Rain

While I feel toward rain as a cat does (that is, it's great for taking naps during but I have no interest whatever in being out in it), sometimes I find an inspiration on rainy days that I don't have otherwise.

For one thing, sunlight filtered through cloud cover is perfect for taking pictures. Bright, but not harsh. The last time my beloved Fossil messenger bag got this wet, I was in Manhattan (worst place in the world to be when it rains), but through everything it's always kept my knitting and my camera dry. And Bob (official mascot of Ravelry) doesn't seem to mind getting damp occasionally. :)

A side note on dogs, this one turned up in my parents' yard a few days ago. Dad went outside to run her off (lest she try to eat the chickens) - and ended up rubbing her tummy instead (she was very persuasive). She followed him back to the house, and when I went to see if she was afraid of cameras, she posed nicely then asked to be let in. Where ever she's from, I think it's safe to say that she's well-treated and used to being a house puppy. I hope she finds her way home.

Besides my camera and my knitting, another thing that I am never without is my notebook. I use the same hardback Moleskine until it gets full, then date the spine and move on to a new one. At some point, Adam got hold of this one and wrote me a note deep within its pages, and I found it today. It was a nice brightening to what might have been an otherwise dreary day.

I get to teach Hand Held's upcoming learn-to-knit-socks class, so I've been working on a demo sock that people can look at. Not that we don't have lots of beautiful socks lying around the shop, but they are all a little intricate and more than a little intimidating. So I'm doing a plain vanilla version, with a self striping yarn.

Alternate with working on my sock this afternoon, I also did a photography project on capturing the five senses using a single object. This one is See.

Hear (certain senses are kind of difficult to capture photographically...)

Smell (I fiddled with this one for awhile, then settled on tilting the lid and focusing on the foam inside)

Taste (in hindsight, a background of coffee toned yarns might have been a more evocative choice, but I couldn't resist the lettuce green luster of a merino/silk blend)

And finally, Touch. Despite the appealing texture of the sleeve, it was a struggle not to focus on the yarn in the background.

It's still raining outside, and my Bear is home and wants to teach me how to play poker. On to another adventure!

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