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The Latin word from which we get "inspire" (to animate) is from the same root as spirit (to breathe). Inspiration isn't just an idea - it's life and beauty, breathed into raw materials to turn them into something greater.

I noticed while knitting at work the other day that everything in my vicinity coordinated, and couldn't resist capturing it. Between working on other things and stopping to take pictures of stuff, I've (finally) finished the first leg of Pensive, and plan to finish the second one this next week while Adam's gone. I hoped that trying on the first one would motivate me to finish the second one, so I can wear them - it's looking like that tactic will actually work.

More gratuitous pretty. It's hard not to tip a waitress who provides great service, has gorgeous handwriting, and is an artist to boot. Or maybe I have my own unique system for determining how much of a tip someone deserves...

This was on my windshield a few mornings ago. There was just enough frost that I couldn't drive safely, so I moved to a sunny spot and waited for it to thaw or my engine to warm up (whichever came first). The sun won the contest.

Between bouts of Tag Wars (she pulls the tag out, I put it back), Sasha has been providing me with some great photo ops by doing cute and funny things - the latest being taking over a customer's basket while they were deliberating over some other yarn. She stayed in the basket while it was carried to the counter and everything else was taken out of it, and finally departed in offense a few minutes later.

Adam and I tried Fresco Cafe for lunch before doing a photo shoot on the Square. It was positively amazing - delicious salad, I had a gf pizza that was quite pizza-like and Adam had a gf panini that more than satisfied his craving for Panera or Atlanta Bread Company. It was priced similarly, which was great - and we enjoyed looking out over Fayetteville while we ate.

Deep Roots is a hat I finished awhile ago, but never got around to publishing. I had fun with the slightly jagged twisted ribbing, and I'm working on a matching scarf (using sock weight yarn. It may be awhile.)

When Hand Held got in Liberty Wool last winter, I fell in love with this color and wanted to knit something with it. But I couldn't think what, so I waited. I finally had an idea on Thursday for a slouchy hat, so I snagged the yarn and made it that very day. Faytown also gave me an idea for a design series called "Local Flavor," inspired by Fayetteville, specifically the Square/Block St/Dickson St/campus area. I've already got 4 or 5 more ideas, and I'm hoping to kind of make it into an ongoing project. Going along with Mark's Dickson Street Initiative, this will force me to ask myself what someone else would wear or use (not my normal starting point when designing) so hopefully I'll come out of this with a clearer understanding of Fayetteville's culture. I'd also like to photoshoot at/use props and supplemental garments from local businesses as much as possible - it would be fun to involve them in my project, I think. And if you know me, you know that I am all for promoting the places I like and getting others to like them, too. :)

Also, I realized after I put up the last post that it was my 150th on this blog - random and pointless, but fascinating (to me).

21/Jan/2013: Update!

Delighted, complete! Adam and I took pictures yesterday after church, in a dry and wintery field across from our apartment. I can honestly say, and I really don't like scarves because they are long and boring, that I would make another one of these. It was fun!


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