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A Fire Inside

Adam and I spent our weekend organizing, mostly. We live in a 3-bedroom apartment, but originally designated one room as ours, and then each had our own office space. In light of the Small Person who is going to need their own room (tangent: I hereby request the invention of a gender-neutral pronoun that implies that the noun in question has a gender but that said gender is unknown. "It" seems appropriate only for objects...) we've been undergoing a grand rearranging in order to move all of the things out of his space and into mine.

That presented a quandary for me, since in the 13 months we've lived at Woodway, I hadn't actually gotten around to organizing my space. Part of it was the non-motivating sense of transience that I've been feeling. I like apartments, personally, and have never really felt the need for an American Dream Home. But that instinct is a strong one, and it makes putting holes in walls and doing improvement-type projects that will ultimately benefit someone else (without providing any equity for the improver) unappealing. However, on the mid-task drive Adam and I took Saturday evening (as a break from our work) we talked about our desire to someday move to Boulder, Colorado and help with a church plant, and how much harder that would be if we had a house. There's also a possibility that his National Guard unit will be deployed overseas in 2014, which would give us the chance to save for a move by having me and Little Bee move in temporarily with my parents or his. We're also blessed with a month-to-month lease, so we can leave on 30 days notice if that's something God calls us to do. One of the end results of that conversation was the installation of a lovely new shelf in our now-shared office space for me to put (part of) my knitting library on.

So now one side of the room holds a desk for our computers and printer, and the other side (by some miracle, everything fit) holds the entirety of my hobby and crafting collection. While I don't advocate one's sole passtime being the watching of television or movies or the playing of video games, they have the advantage of needing a limited amount of equipment. Whereas, as a Doer of Things, I have amassed a lot of random things. A library of books, fiction and non. Rubber stamping supplies. Art supplies. And, of course, knitting related paraphernalia. While I had been functioning with everything scattered on the floor the way it was before, it is surprisingly (to me) relieving and exciting to have everything in a proper place. Adam also sweetly let us get full-spectrum light bulbs for that room (light isn't really something that he feels strongly about, but I am emphatic about the necessity of being able to see and see clearly whatever project I'm working on.)

On the topic of projects, when we moved into our apartment, I bought 2 beautiful hanks of Madeleine Tosh DK (in Twig and Terrarium) as a sort of bribe for myself - once all of my knitting and crafting supplies were organized, I would be allowed to design something with the Tosh. Despite lacking the discipline, for over a year, to actually complete the assigned task, I did have the will power to resist the call of the yarn. However, now it's been freed for use, I've been plotting what to do with it. Delighted should hopefully be finished this week (we'll be driving to Springfield, Missouri on Friday for Adam's grandma's funeral, which will give me several hours in a car) and I plan to make significant inroads into Pensive, so this should give me something to do while Adam's gone next week on a Military Police mission.

Rawr's adventures continue, today at Mama Carmen's. I had some reading that I needed to do for a Mom-to-Mom meeting tomorrow, and some studying for Lifegroup. We had our first meeting to discuss Breaking the Missional Code last night and it sparked some great discussion.One thing we talked about was our tendency to focus on our differences instead of on our similarities (especially when we're considering a mission field with a culture that's counter to ours) - I really think that the secret to knitters' strong sense of community is their focus on what they have in common. It tied in really well with a project someone at our church is starting that assigns families to restaurants near our church and has them commit to said establishment as their mission field (his idea was sparked by the question, "if our church ceased to be, would anyone around it notice?") Adam and I were really excited about Mark's project, and the Lifegroup meeting helped to fuel that (we've finally found something that we're both equally passionate about - it was an incredibly exciting realization). We've been assigned to lead discussion for the next meeting/next 2 chapters, so hopefully that will help maintain our excitement. It's really hard to stay excited about something when you're the only one who seems to care - which has been part of my recent quest for community, discipleship and accountability.

The past few days have been very full, but very good. There's a fire inside both of us, and I pray we'll be able to fan that flame in each other in the coming days.


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