Monday, December 10, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock

My holiday season has started with a bang - music, Christmas gatherings, and of course, Christmas knitting.

Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham (and Kyle Sherman - he opened. And we discussed knitting afterwards, and I told him about Ravelry because his wife wants to learn to knit. Ennyhoo...) came to UBC as part of their Christmas tour. 'Twas almost 3 hours of alternately Christmas and worship music, and it was lovely.

Christmas time means potlucks and parties. I (well, Mum made them, and packaged them adorably, so really I had nothing to do with it) took these tiny cornbread muffins to a Lifegroup gathering. I brought what I was asked to bring - otherwise it probably would have been something sweet. I'm better at making sweet things than real food.

In between the knitting I've been doing, I got to teach someone else how to knit. She picked it up quickly - another convert made. Not in time to make gifts this year, I think, but perhaps by next year...

My giant red project is almost complete, and about to be replaced by a giant green project - both commissions, one a special order and one destined to be a gift. The intricately cabled hoodie has been interesting - but I'm both glad that it's not for me, and glad that it's nearly finished.

And finally, rather pointless but quite adorable tiny trees, with old cork for trunks. Free pattern here, if anyone's interested. I spent a few hours this evening at Nightbird Books tinkering with these along with a knitting friend. Once we got them figured out, they didn't take very long.

The trees were my break from all the things I have to get done - but now I'd better get back on it, and cast on that big green knit, if I want to have it finished by my Sunday deadline.

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