Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've been frantically trying to get a long list of Things accomplished in a rather short amount of time, and a few days ago I had the sudden realization that the list was almost complete, and that somehow I had time left over at the end.

One advantage to designing most of what you knit is that I can not only make a wholly unique gift, but I can also publish the pattern. This is Stashed - a harmonious rendition of yarns that had nothing in common but color.

This one was a commission - I was unsure of the color, so I chose two and made it reversible, without the bother of double knitting or any other tricksy techniques. Hence, Chameleon - changing with your mood or preference.

To celebrate the anniversary of our first "date," Adam and I went to the Mellow Mushroom on Saturday, making that the first time either of us has had pizza "out" since we went gluten-free in July. It was very good - partly because we hadn't had real pizza for 6 months, and partly because Mellow Mushroom is awesome.

We also went to see The Hobbit (part one) because that is my absolute favorite work of fiction. Adam went along because he's nice that way, and since I had also made him listen to the audio book he was reasonably excited about it. I felt that it was three hours well spent - spent sitting next to my Bear, and the movie was well-made, too.

I still have some knitting to do - a few gifts, and this pair of fingerless gloves that I needed as a photo prop for Hand Held and then, fancy that! get to keep afterwards. It's a new humanely harvested brushed mink yarn that we got in recently - and it is exceedingly soft. Everything else should be easily doable in the time I have left - so hopefully the rest of the year won't be quite so frantic.

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