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I'm posting my daily expressions of gratitude here - I'll edit this post to add them as I go.

Nov. 23/24: Today, I am thankful that I was spending such a nice evening with my husband that I completely forgot about posting on Facebook yesterday, and for the sunshine streaming in the window and warming up our apartment this chilly morning!

Nov. 25: Today, I am thankful for my family - the family I was born into, the family I joined by marrying Adam and the family of believers that I've been adopted into.

Nov. 26: Today, I am thankful for the cold, wet, cloudiness - the cold reminds me that we are promised both winter and summer 'til the end of time, and the clouds remind me that the sun is still up there somewhere, even though I can't see it.

Nov. 27: Today, I am thankful for my sweet husband who makes me breakfast in bed and braves the cold to warm up my car before I need to leave.

Nov. 28: Today, I am thankful for provision - not only for needs, but for the occasional want as well.

Nov. 29: Today, I am thankful for music and the ability to hear it.

Nov. 30: Today, I am thankful for naps - and my sweet Bear who'll fall asleep with me.

Dec. 1: Today, I am thankful that both sets of our parents don't mind us doing laundry at their houses - we get our clothes washed without having to visit a laundromat, and we get a good weekly visit with our parents.

Dec. 2: Today, I am thankful for the ability to walk - I sometimes complain about the 4 flights of stairs leading up to our apartment, or the distance I have to trek from my car to wherever I'm going, but ultimately I'd rather that than be unable to.

Dec. 3: Today, I am thankful that I got to spend the afternoon with one of my closest friends (who also happens to be my Mum).

Dec. 4: Today, I am thankful for my job at Hand Held - I get paid to do what I love, and I love the people I get to interact with (Cynthia, the owner, especially).

Dec. 5/6: Yesterday, I was thankful for the gift of sleep (hence my lack of post) and today, I am thankful for sweet customers who say, "Oh, I'm so glad you're here!" and mean it.

Dec. 7: Today, I am thankful that 2 years ago today I accepted a ride to a Tacky Christmas Sweater party where I insulted a man in a pink sweater --- and he later asked me to marry him anyway.

Dec. 8: Today, I am thankful for the ability, the freedom and the opportunity to serve.

Dec. 9/10: Yesterday, I was thankful for fellowship and (gluten free) food with friends and family, and today, I am thankful that Adam has a job that allows him to come home for lunch.

Dec. 11: Today, I am thankful for the sunshine. It's making the cold seem less so!

Dec. 12: Today, I am thankful for gluten free sandwich bread. It assuaged my intense (and unfulfillable) craving for Panera.

Dec. 13: Today, I am thankful for the amazing sense of community that exists among knitters.

Dec. 14: Today, I am thankful for a sovereign God to be thankful to.

Dec. 15: Today, I agree with the thankfulness of a prayer spoken 2 years ago today: "God, thank You for Arsaga's and that they're open 'til 9, and for IHOP that never closes because 9 isn't late enough." (that was at Adam's and my first getting-to-know-you meeting, and we weren't finished talking when the coffee shop kicked us out)

Dec. 16: Today, I am thankful that love never fails.

Dec. 17: Today, I am thankful for the kindness and patience of others - and pray for more of both in myself.

Dec. 18/19: Yesterday, I was thankful for my husband's above-and-beyond sweetness (that goes for today, too), and today, I am thankful for tiny new heartbeats.

Dec. 20: Today, I am thankful that I can knit things both pretty and useful for my own family, and as gifts for others.

Dec. 21: Today, I am thankful for grace and for forgiveness.

Dec. 22: Today, I'm thankful that every cloud has silver lining.

Dec. 23: Today, I am thankful that Jesus is more than a baby in a manger.

Dec. 24: Today, I am thankful for love and for laughter.

Dec. 25: Today, I am thankful to celebrate the Hope that was born into a lost and dying world - Emmanuel, God with us!


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