Monday, November 5, 2012

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not much doing - I woke up sick on Wednesday :p But the weather was so gorgeous on Saturday, I couldn't resist the Farmer's Market! Besides, it's about to close for the season. Soon we'll be walking around the Square to look at Christmas lights instead of vegetables.

I really don't think the Farmer's Market would be the same without the local talent perched on every corner. These guys were pretty good, and having a grand time to boot. I also paused to listen to a stand-up bass who was producing some pretty pleasant tunes.

It may be November, but there are still sunflowers. I love their indomitable cheeriness...

Clinging to a last whiff of summer, I foolishly sniffed The Mustache's selection of Soap & Paper Factory's solid perfumes. What's not to love about bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper? It smelled good even though my nose was stuffy, which, for me, is the ultimate test.

That's the door of our new oven, with a view of Market-bought Brussels sprouts roasting inside. Our refrigerator perished a week or two ago, and they not only replaced it with a larger, better one, but also gave us a new stove (which we hadn't asked for, but badly wanted). There's a digital display that tells you the exact temperature it is as it preheats, a window in the door, multiple racks and a light inside. I realize that may not be exciting, but those are all things that our last one didn't have. I may actually start cooking now...

Sunflowers or no, the days are definitely getting consistently cooler. I realized that none of my numerous hats, scarves or coats matched each other, and Adam offered to rectify the situation by buying me yarn. The Deep Roots hat and scarf are in progress, and the pattern should be up soon. :)

Just a small something. I love the look of the marled brown yarn against the rosewood needles. This should be finished in a day or two, and then I'll start on a couple more designs that I have the yarn and inspiration for.

We're living on faith for awhile (more so than usual), but in this season of thanksgiving it's good to be reminded that God provides, not only for our wants, but also for our most basic needs. He's always been faithful to bring us more than our daily bread, and we're confident that He'll continue - but this is definitely the start of an adventure!

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