Friday, November 16, 2012


A random sprinkling of things that remind me of days past (long past, or not so long ago...)

Growing up, nearly every time my family would go on a trip, soon after we got under weigh Mum would turn around in the front seat and hand me a new (or at least, new to me) book. Adam and I joined them on a journey to visit my Dad's parents this past weekend, and she upheld the tradition with an out-of-print tome that I'd been wanting for awhile. Mums are the best. :)

Another consistent aspect of my life has been that every time Dad found a nonvenomous snake, he would catch it and show it to me. He and Mum went for a walk and found this tiny, friendly creature (even after a ride in his pocket, it was still content to let me hold it). After a consensus taken from 9 people... we still have no idea what kind of snake it is, other than not a red racer.

Two flowers: one given in return for a donation to the disabled veterans who were smilingly greeting every person who walked in or out of the Mena Wal*Mart, and a thistle found along with the snake. The thistle was blown to the wind, but the forget-me-not did service as a bookmark on the way home.

When the whole family's together, before anyone can go home, pictures must be taken. It's so nice to have an added family member who I can stand next to and smile honestly because I love him with my whole heart and don't have to leave him behind when I leave for home.

And finally, a new pattern. Quahog, named after a shell I always quested for when we visited Wilmington Beach in North Carolina when I was little. I was deeply fascinated by the fact that they had once been used as currency. And fingerless gloves are one of my favorite things to knit and wear but I hadn't designed any yet. :)

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