Saturday, November 17, 2012

Before the Rush

Before everyone is swamped with Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas shopping, and the swarm of engagements that somehow always appear between the last few weeks of November and the beginning of January... I present a free gift pattern.

Quick, easy, a good use of left-over sock yarn (especially special sock yarn that you don't want to waste a single yard of), good to send in a card or give with a book: Weave a Tale.

That is all.


Priscilla said...

Love it! But what does "sl1wyb" mean? I'm still trying to learn all of the abbreviations in knitting. : )

Sarah Jo Burch said...

Priscilla, that *is* kind of an odd one. It is to slip a stitch while holding your yarn to the back of your work.
Hope you've had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Priscilla said...

Thank you! And, yes, we did have a wonderful Thanksgiving!