Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sticks and Strings

New pattern! I started these Welted Washcloths awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to publishing the pattern yet.  I had planned to photoshoot on the weather-worn stairs, but then the sun set so I was forced to plan b: Instagram. I don't like Instagram - to me, it's cheating. But I am forced to admit that it made the grainy iPhone 3GS photo (taken in our cloudy stainless steel kitchen sink) look pretty cool.

Even though it's not official, it's starting to feel like Fall. Amy and I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and actually chose hot coffee instead of iced to sip as we listened to this gentleman play his guitar and sing John Denver songs.

I couldn't resist a shot of Cynthia - she was exceptionally adorable, and her knitting matched her outfit. She was getting started on a turban style headband from Rowan, using Rowan Frost (I love that yarn - I'd like to design a chemo cap with it.)

Pairing up all the donated needles made me feel selfish, so I destashed. I found some yarn that individuals I know will appreciate and enjoy more than I would, and I collected this boxful for Warm Up, America! squares and beginning knitters. I'm having a powwow with Patti about our church knitting group sometime next week - we're both excited about it.

And finally, a gratuitous yarn detail. Kaona is coming along nicely, and hopefully I'll have it finished in time to publish early next week (I'm anxious for it to be finished - partly so that I can share the pattern, and partly because it's going to be pret-ty!)

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Michelle said...

LOVE that yarn with the blue and green. Yum!