Sunday, September 16, 2012

Love Letters

Before I can post about anything interesting or relevant, I must first gush about Apple Cinnamon Chex. Gluten-free cereal options are incredibly limited (corn and rice Chex. Aaand that's about it, that I've been able to find), and not at all suited to my taste in cereal (which is the same as that of a 5 year old. Marshmallow Fruit Loops were the best.) Their newest GF flavor is apple cinnamon, which is comparable to Apple Jacks (if you haven't had them in awhile). And they are amazing.

(Yes, I always eat my cereal in a cup. I drink a cup of milk along with it - because that way, my cereal doesn't get soggy.) Ennyhoo, I feel almost compelled to write Chex a thank-you letter for making a cereal that I can eat and enjoy eating.

If I did write them a letter, it would give me a chance to use the adorable address stamp Mum got Adam and me from Shindig Paperie. She had the sweet idea to get us a new one every time we move, so that we'll have a collection of stamps for everywhere we've lived. I thought it sounded really neat --- and I like stamps, and don't really enjoy addressing envelopes.

Adam and I had an adventure yesterday... We drove to Eureka Springs the long way, and ended up at the Promised Land drive-through/petting Zoo. The drive was nice, the time together was nice, and the little zoo was fun (any chance I get to feed a baby camel and schnuggle bunnies is a chance I'll take :)

Sometimes (about once a week - sometimes more, sometimes less) I note-bomb Adam's car. I've done it since we started dating (I think he may still have that first scrap of paper that I stuck in his window, that read, "Hey, you! You're awesome!") I don't always write - sometimes I leave candy, once I lipstick-kissed a tiny square of pink paper, and sometimes I actually write him a letter. And he keeps them all. Some of them are in a drawer, but most of them are still in his car. Which I think is incredibly sweet of my Sweetness.

And finally, some knitting (you knew it had to be coming ;) This was a shop sample project : "Here's some funky yarn, design a cowl with it." Thus, Strut. I had a really fun time working this up, although it did shed feathers a bit (I found it enjoyable - Adam was mildly annoyed. Thankfully, we don't have a cat, although Sasha didn't seem to care about it).

Kaona is almost finished, and there should be pix of that soon. This week should be fairly knitty and fairly busy --- bring it on!

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