Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping Fayetteville Funky

Which is a clever slogan intended (cryptically) to promote local businesses. And I'm all for that :)

I stopped in to see lovely Molly at Grey Dog Boutique yesterday. I met her 8 years ago when we took the same learn-to-knit class at Hand Held, then again 3 years later when she came back to Hand Held for a refresher course and I, as a shop employee, retaught her. Her forte is vintage --- the boutique is in an adorable Silver Stream trailer, perched in a lot on College Ave while she works on her permanent store front, and it's stuffed full of a rotating selection of awesome vintage styles. I couldn't resist a pair of leather earrings - they're enigmatically neither leaf nor feather, and I loved that. She plans to also stock local talent once she moves into her larger space, and kindly agreed to offer some felt clutches that I made (local I am, talent is debatable). If you've never stopped in, you definitely should!

At the end of a long and slightly difficult day, I found a beautiful red envelope in our mailbox with my name on it. Inside was an even lovelier note - a thank you note. A handwritten thank you note, expressing gratitude for my help in growing their business. If I find something I like, I want it to survive and thrive - so I make sure they're my first stop when I need something, and point others in the same direction (if they go under, where will I get decent stationery?!). And I may go in tomorrow and see if they still have those cards. They're stunning!

The view from my seat at the new Arsaga's on West. I can study more easily at a coffee shop than I can at home - I think because there are less distractions. Not that there aren't random people and unpredictable music, but it's more calming than distracting, to me.

I got thoroughly exasperated with Kaona this afternoon while I was at work, so I field tripped across the street to Dark Star Visuals bead shop with an armful of yarn in quest of beads that would match. I ended up with a gold-streaked lichen green yarn and bronze beads. Maybe by the time I finish this (it's the Mohair Bias Loop - for once, I am following someone else's pattern. With modifications, of course ;) Kaona will be out of time-out.

At some point this evening I have to go walk, and I should do that sooner rather than later, before I run out of motivation. So farewell, where ever you fare, until I post again!

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