Saturday, August 11, 2012

Shoulders, Hands and Toes

Where to begin? Somewhat unusually of late, I've been too busy knitting to have time to blog. It's a problem I don't mind having, though. :)

I finished up a cowl I've been working on for awhile - it was a simple, portable project and other things kept getting in the way. But the Beatnik Cowl is finally complete, and Adam and I had a fun photoshoot at the Library on a Sunday afternoon.

A lady from the UofA called Hand Held to see if we would be interested in doing a survey for them, as part of a study on Adult Continued and Independent Learning. We had a grand time filling it out - because one thing about knitters is that they are interactive sharers. The way we approached the survey would probably have provided some interesting information in itself.

Because I must needs play with the yarn, I recreated Pantone's Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report using yarn that the shop carries. I tried to be both accurate in color matching, and present a range of weights and fibers.

I finished this pattern up today - the Aero socks. I did them both at once (which I tend to systematically avoid - I find it demoralizing) but I wanted to be certain that they matched. The yarn was some that Cynthia let me choose for my birthday - there's some left, that I haven't yet decided what I want to do with.

Not all my knitting has been for me - I've also been working on a fascinating scarf as a store sample. The pattern is Windward by Heidi Kirrmaier; even if it wasn't still on the needles, it's such a unique shape that it's difficult to photograph well.

Besides that, I'm also working on finishing up a hat and a couple of skirts before I let myself move on to my next design - a sweater (anyone who knows me knows what a big deal that it - I don't do sweaters, whether they're other people's patterns or my own). But what is the fun of knitting if it's not an adventure?

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