Monday, April 30, 2012

No Ordinary Days

My day began with a cup of tea, which my old/battered/abused/battery-drained camera chose to portray somewhat more artistically than even I intended. It was at least a perfect visual portrayal of the drink - a "London Fog" (Earl Grey, milk and vanilla).

When we went to my parents' house to do laundry and bake cookies, I found a butterfly in the kitchen, tapping its proboscis against the window in weak desperation.

Research revealed her to be a Hackberry Butterfly. Since she seemed hungry, I offered her honey on the tip of my finger. She liked it. (Incidentally, I spent my entire childhood trying to get a butterfly to perch on my hand. The best things happen unexpectedly :)

In fact, she liked it so much that when I took her outside and set her on a flower, she waited there until I came back with my camera and hopped back onto my hand. It's nice to be appreciated!

The doorknob malfunctioned while we were there, and because Adam can't stand Things Unfixed, he fixed it...

..while I made cowboy cookies for a Young Marrieds get-together this evening (which aided in the making of an enjoyable evening).

And finally, I finished the ruffled skirt I've been working on all month! While reaching that goal makes me very happy, that means now I have to/get to start the next two projects in line - it's a good thing I like green!

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