Tuesday, January 17, 2012


So much knitting, there's barely time to blog about it!

The Stitch-a-Day project is coming along. Here's Seafoam,

At an Angle (I used my entire hank of Koigu, so I switched to a hank of Cherry Tree Hill that I had in my stash),

A Different Slant,

Petticoats (that one exasperated me for a bit, but I finally got it),

Gingerbread Crumbs,

and Twisted Trellis. Whew! Two weeks into it, I'm still glad I'm doing it. But it's definitely growing me. Part of what made me want to design is an aversion to knitting what I'm told (I'm a chronic pattern-changer).

I've also finished up a couple of designs that I started awhile ago. This is Arachne (there are eight repeats around of the fern lace). Adam and I had fun photo-shooting at the park,

and the Pageturner Mitts. My grand plan was to shoot that one at the Library - not thinking that it was Martin Luther King, Jr Day, for which holiday they are closed. So I dug through my own bookshelves to find a prop. "Pageturner" is subjective to the reader, right?

We visited DC one day when we were both in Maryland last fall and went in Fibre Space in Alexandria Virginia - and I acquired enough of Jared Flood's beautiful yarn to make a skirt. I've finally had a minute to sit down and start sketching. I have an idea I'm happy with - progress photos to come!

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