Monday, January 2, 2012

Ordinary Days - Day Two

Today started slowly, then picked up speed toward the end.

It began with cereal and milk - separately, because I don't like how the milk sogs up the cereal.

I got some reading (Out of Oz) and some knitting done. And I was able to answer a random knitting-related question. I love when those float out of the ether from people I haven't heard from in awhile...

After announcing to Adam that I was driving to the grocery store (a few blocks away), he suggested that we walk, instead. Then decided we needed something from Wal*Mart - two and a half miles away. We found out after we got there that it was 35 degrees (it felt colder).

Thankfully, just as the sun was going down, Mum and Papa drove by as we were walking home and gave us a lift back home.

We got things to make dinner together for the first time - it was both fun and delicious. :)

After dinner we played games, and I finished today's stitch: Snowballs.

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