Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ordinary Days - Day Seven

Adam was in Little Rock for Drill, so Mum and I spent the day together.

We went to Mocking Bird Moon in Bentonville. It's an adorable shop, well stocked and neatly arranged. They used their space well and it was very inviting.

Then on to Crystal Bridges. We ended up in a parking lot a ways off, but there was a pretty trail leading to the museum and it was a nice day so it worked out.

I never could resist a lens - especially a colored one!

To end our day, we saw The Adventures of Tintin. The animation was spectacular and (having read and loved the graphic novel series) I was delighted that they perfectly followed the plot of one of the books.

Amazing what can happen in a week... it started by doubling in height, which it then proceeded to do again and then start turning red and budding. 'Tis kind of exciting :)

The weekend stitch pattern, Polka Dots. I liked it, and I'd like to make washcloths or some sort of scrubby something out of it.

After having documented the last 7 days, I've come to a very important conclusion: we have no ordinary days. And I think that that's a wonderful thing :)

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