Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ordinary Days - Day One

We always try to capture events - things that seem memorable to us. But why do we never try to preserve the moments that occur more regularly? This week I'm going to try.

I woke up late, and still a little fuzzy-brained.

The amaryllis that Mum gave me grew 3 inches overnight - its first change, other than turning a little greener after I put it by the window. I was encouraged, as I tend to have a black thumb.

We picked up a few groceries for Adam's parents on our way out to their house. It always throws me when a holiday falls on the weekend... there were so few people out today, but it didn't register as anything other than a Sunday to me.

In digging through the game closet, Adam found an old Polaroid camera. So I took a picture through it (because I'm weird that way).

We played Payday, which I'd never heard of before. Kaytie and I worked together in an effort to keep the boys from winning - in the end, I still barely beat Robert.

Laundry got done - Adam did more toward accomplishing that than I did (he's a better folder than I am...)

I'm nearly finished with the skirt for Handheld - hopefully, I can finish before I go to bed tonight.

And I did manage to complete my stitch pattern for the day: Dotted Rib. I hope I can stay on track for that... and I wonder what tomorrow holds?

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