Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ordinary Days - Day Four

Today was a collection of oddments (all days are, really, but some come together in the end to equal something greater, while others just don't).

Synesthesia is the reason why I love film scores (and own some written for movies that I have never seen, or saw once and don't plan on watching again). The music itself can be beautiful, but the mental image it conjures can be even more spectacular. I find that the score for TRON: Legacy perfectly suits the black-and-light nature of the film.

A mouthful of happiness from Bliss cupcakes, just off the Square. Whoever thought of a Neapolitan cupcake (chocolate cake, strawberry filling, vanilla frosting) was a genius. I'm kind of glad I don't work near there anymore... it was entirely too tempting.

I got used to my nails being an unnatural color while I was in New York, and this was my favorite of those colors: Merino Cool by Essie. I like grey-based colors, and anything with "merino" in it has to be good.

Never before have I noticed these particular reflectors (for all I've been at that intersection, and the light is never in my favor), nor have I known any, there or elsewhere, to be red white and blue striped...

Despite some opinions to the contrary, knitting during meetings helps me concentrate. My fingers wander so my mind doesn't, I think. At anyrate, I made good progress on today's stitch pattern during Bible study at my parents' church.

Here's the stitch, finished. It was String of Pearls, which I'd used before. I like it - it's pretty, and I like the poetry of the name.

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