Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ordinary Days - Day Five

There are more people, and more knitting, than usual for one of my days :)

Adam had never used a toaster oven before, and found it quite fascinating.

I met Zac and Katey and Oin at the park by the Springdale library for a walk. He's gonna be a fit puppy, living with them. It was nice to see Zac again, and get to meet Katey - and to see how happy Oin is. :)

When I got home, it was still a beautiful day and I wanted to share it with Adam, so we walked to Sonic. I love how many things are within easy walking distance of our apartment.

We sipped our Sonic and read after we got back (and I knitted, because that's what I do). I'm going to put this pattern on Ravelry and call it "Page Turners" since it's so simple that you don't have to pay attention to it and you can focus on something else.

Knit night at Handheld. Being around yarn and around other knitters inspires me. I think that's what got me into knitting - leading a teen knitting club, and then working at Handheld for awhile.

I finished today's stitch at the meeting: Field of Diamonds. It wasn't difficult, but perhaps I underestimated it and that's why I had to frog back three or four times...

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