Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knit on with confidence through all crises

The title of this post is an Elizabeth Zimmerman quote. She was an amazing knitter, one who inspires me in design - but she also had some great insights into life in general, through knitting.

In times of trauma or stress, sometimes having a simple, creative task can calm and relax you. An attainable goal - cover this 3/4 by 12 inch space with an even layer of metallic paint - can make whatever seemingly insurmountable thing lies before you seem a little less daunting.

A sense of community is a comfort, as well. To build something together, even if you don't necessarily talk about your common struggle, strengthens your bond. You can share emotion through seemingly unrelated discussion. Helping someone create order out of chaos - or a frame from a collection of uncut boards - can calm inner turmoil.

So many things leave a mark on us, and every mark is a memory. Physical scars can remind us of injury, but they can also remind us of the service someone performed for us when we were unable to help ourselves. Emotion-charged memories may be painful at the beginning, but grow to become precious at a later time.

The sun eventually sets on every life, but until it sets on ours, we need to make the most of every sunrise. We need to remember those we love while they're still in our lives, to build relationships as we build projects together, and to seek God with such focus when things are going well that He is instinctively the first One we turn to in times of need.

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