Saturday, December 31, 2011

Works in Progress

When the Stitch-a-Day calendars were handed out at SOHO, I announced (aloud, because things like that should, of course, not be mentally processed before they're blurted out) that I would knit my way through it. I'm going to use Koigu (because it's fairly low yardage for sock yarn, and there are a lot of beautiful colors - I'm hoping it will provide a year's worth of colorful motivation) and knit small squares, that way when I'm finished I can sew them into a blanket.

On the topic of knits, the skirt for Handheld is coming along nicely. I like how the Luna stripes are coming out against the Madeleinetosh background. I thought of a name for it: Alchemy. Since many different yarns can be used, with the same end result (I'm designing this with versatility in mind).

Adam has all of his things in their proper places, but I'm still sluggishly finding homes for my collection of oddments. I requested "cubes" for the kitchen counter to put cookbooks and other kitcheny things into, and he sweetly made them the next day.

He got them finished in an afternoon, but it took me two days to paint them (they're still drying on a stack of newspapers in the living room).

So many goals have been accomplished over the past year, yet so many things remain incomplete. There's a time when that would have bothered me, but as the sun sets on 2011 I'm happy with the past year being filled with the unfinished. That gives me something to look forward to in 2012. :)

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