Monday, December 5, 2011

Untitled (wait... is that a title?)

The past month has been a busy one, but things are beginning to settle into place (and are, if not less busy, at least less stressful).
Oin found a new home, with an old friend of mine and his fiancee, where I'm sure he'll be very happy. Adam and I are moving into the Woodway apartments (we'll be right next door to the apartment he lived in when I met him) and Oin's not a really apartment-friendly dog.
I'm working on a new skirt design for a workshop at Handheld, and I had two designs published in the winter issue of Knit Simple - my name in print is extremely exciting. :)
On the topic of knitting, I got to attend the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza in Hot Springs over the weekend. They tried out a new venue this year, since every year before it's been at Mt Magazine, but the Hot Springs Convention Center was an awesome location. Annie Modesitt and Brooke Nico taught classes, and Sarah (aka onestitchshort) from Ravelry was there. I got to coordinate the fashion show, and be in it, which was a grand new adventure, and one I wouldn't mind repeating. I love the Extravaganza - a chance to catch up with the knitters I know, and to make new friends.
There was an amazing women's Christmas event at UBC that began the month of December. It tied in nicely with a journalling exercise Tamara Martin suggested, of journalling through the month of December with "descriptions of Christ" as each day's prompt. Today's description is "the power and wisdom of God." I made cream cheese mints for the event, and decided to get fancy with them and handpainted a snowflake onto each one. They're deceptively simple: 2lbs of powdered sugar, beaten with an electric mixer one cup at a time into a 16oz block of softened cream cheese, with about 3/4 of a teaspoon of peppermint extract. The hardest part is rolling them into mints - it makes a lot.
Thanksgiving has past, and I'm just now starting to think about Christmas knitting. I'm looking forward to another holiday with my family - both old and new.

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