Friday, October 14, 2011

Happily Ever After

Ah, October! It's always been my favorite month, and now I have one more reason to support my preference.

August, now. That was dreadful. I'd go through it again, given the opportunity, but not because it was fun. I worked a lot (by "a lot" I mean that the only thing that differentiated night from day was that I had to turn on a light, and my only breaks were Wednesday night Life Group and Sunday morning service.) There was also an earthquake, and a hurricane. Don't get me wrong - good things happened, too. I just have a knack for remembering most clearly the thing that most recently happened to me, and most recently had a high statistical likelihood of being less than pleasant.

I don't mind hard work. I thrive on it, to some extent. And sleep? That's for sissies. But the worst part of August was that I didn't see Adam. He was a tantalizing 3.5 hours away, and a couple of weekends I thought I was going to, but then his school would get busy or the City would be shut down because of an unprecedented cataclysm, and my hope would wash away with the rain.

Then September finally came, bearing a four-day-weekend and my Adam. He brought an idea with him. Rather than me go back to Arkansas after my time at SOHO, wait a month for him to come back from Maryland, then have a few too-short months in which to frantically attempt to plan a wedding and a few even shorter months to be together before he’s deployed to Afghanistan: we could, instead, get married right after I left New York. We discussed it - prayed about it - talked to his parents and mine - and then everything began to fall gloriously into place.

I could rent a car, drive to Annapolis to acquire the necessary paperwork, the day I left Brooklyn coordinated perfectly with the prerequisite 48 hour delay on the marriage license, Maryland law allowed my Dad to perform the ceremony, the rings (miraculously) arrived in time, his pass for that weekend was approved, my parents and his parents were on board and able to come, and it didn’t rain until after we’d finished our quiet prayer ceremony at a park on Fort Meade.

So on the 30th of September (according to the State) and the 1st of October (before God) I vowed to spend the rest of my life with the man I want more than anything else to spend the rest of my life with.


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Kayla@Renown and Crowned said...

"At the end of the day you'll be just as married." -advice I received from a lady in my Bible study group 3 months before I got married.

I think it rings true for you too, my dear. I'm so excited for you. Isn't married life absolutely wonderful? :) I'm so glad you are able to spend more time with your husband before he heads to Afghanistan. Treasure each moment (as I know you will!).

P.S. Isn't it great to be someone's "Mrs"? ;)