Saturday, June 18, 2011

WWKIP Day 2011

World Wide Knit in Public Day in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, in front of their public library.
There were two learn-to-knit tables (many converts were made this day)...
...two learn to crochet tables (which were fairly popular, both among knitters who wanted to learn a new art and among absolute muggles)...
...and a learn to spin table. The Brooklyn guild is multi-crafty and does knitting, crochet, spinning and sewing. It's great to find a group of people who don't think their craft is the One Craft to Rule Them All. I got to discuss (with a muggle) the varied applications of knitting, crochet and tatting, and how all were equally valid and important.
There was a table for Vogue Knitting, also, which I helped out at. Two of my coworkers, Michelle and Erin, also manned the table, and another Michelle, from SOHO, who lives a block up from me, stopped by to say hi. A few of the designers with styles in Knit Local (a book about American yarns that Sixth and Spring has coming out in October) also hung out for awhile.
They had a really good turn out, better apparently than the last 2 years. I stayed the whole four hours and had a grand time (and also sunburned my knees... painful, but slightly funny).
To get this picture, I stood on a hand rail (it doubled back and went on both sides of a wall at that point, so I had one foot on each rail) which was a great vantage point - and I apparently looked harmless enough to escape reprimand from the nearby security patrol. New York is not as understanding of my photography techniques as Fayetteville is... but in the end, confident cuteness pays off. ;)

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