Friday, June 3, 2011


A general collection of randomness. I haven't really felt like taking pictures much of late - the concept of being gone for three and half months is slowly sinking in, along with the concept of missing someone (which is a new feeling, for me).
I love green - and blossoms - and light - and music.
Pay especial attention to the chair. The frame is bike rims and the seat and back are interwoven inner tubes - the sign is pretty darn cool, too. :)
Tulips are so pretty... especially the worked-with kind. Even the leaves are streaked in shades of green.
If I'm gonna be sitting cross-legged on the floor meticulously organizing books, I might as well take pictures of my viewpoint. :)
A magnificent werewolf moon (that is, a full moon strategically concealed with tendrils of cloud and craggy dead branches), poorly captured with my feeble photography skilz.
Adam said he was babysitting for a family that I very much like, and I asked if he needed another kid to watch (aka, me. He is so much better with kids).
I went to a wedding with Adam --- and caught the bouquet.

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