Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaving On a Jet Plane

My last week in Fayetteville for awhile...
There was a stunning rainbow on my bedroom wall - I'm amazed at how well it photographed.
If you show Oin a treat and then don't give it to him, he'll go through all the tricks he knows in an attempt to figure out what he has to do to earn it.
A view from the Library window - I'm going to miss the Library, but I'll hopefully go back there once I'm finished in New York.
In my car, bored, with a camera. :) It took several tries to get a pic in which all the blinking lights were on at the same time.
This is Eva, she is 2. She asked for my cookie --- and I gave it to her.
On Saturday, I helped my D-group leader from church's friend move into a new home. 5 of us volunteered, and got it finished in a hot and sweaty hour. :) This shot is part of my next year-long photography project: a weekly self portrait, thereby creating a time-lapse.
My XNA and Atlanta flights went fine, but I sat on the runway in Charlotte for 2 hours because of a weather delay. But I finally got here, and now I'm comfortably installed in a brownstone on Park Place in Brooklyn.

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