Thursday, June 2, 2011


This post is wildly overdue - but I at least have News. :)

I've been working on a photography project at the Library for awhile. This is a sneak peek.

While I'm all for artistic expression, my appreciation for the kind that could lead to legal repercussions doesn't extend to actual emulative inspiration.

Vogue Knitting International magazine - for whom I will be a temporary Yarn Editor this summer. That means 3 and half months in New York City, working at Soho Publishing... I love adventures. :)

The wide aperture setting on one's camera is a fabulous thing.

Amy and I had a knitting/Veggie Tales sleepover - she didn't know how to knit and I'd never seen Veggie Tales. Both needs were satisfied. :)

A big truck with a National Guard plate, and a teeny hippie-kayaker car with a Colorado "KNITTER" frontplate, parked nose to nose --- can't tell who those belong to, oh, no.

Sweatering a tree does is guerrilla art, not graffiti, even if it's technically a "burn" and a "tag" as part of a "bombing." I would, at least, like to hug whomever decided to sew mine onto a tree instead of a light pole.

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