Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Like Home

So, I've been here a week, and I must say - I love New York City! It's awesome. :)
This is Mica, one of my roommate's cats. It was predicted that she would hide under the bed for a few days - but she was rolled over on my bed letting me rub her tummy the night I got here. I really do love animals. :)
A string of lights at Soda. One problem with walking or taking the train everywhere is that if it storms, you're stuck where ever you are. Good thing I always have a camera on me. ;)
I'm using another editor's desk temporarily. It's a mess already - there's a lot involved in being a yarn editor, and since Renee's still here and I'm sometimes superfluous I also get random tasks like photocopying and bookshelf organizing. :)
Dad happened to be in New Jersey last week for work, so he came by for a brief visit. It was great seeing him, and getting to show him where I worked and lived and which train I took.
Since I had them and all (I've been studying them for an upcoming article) I practically wallpapered my room with Knits + That pages from Knit Simple magazine.
My roommate, Melissa's, friend Ranjit had an art showing at the Queens Museum of Art. He's a sound artist, and this is a custom laser-carved kiddie player piano disc of the call of a mourning dove. It was seriously cool.
I sat in Central Park and read for awhile, and this leaf fell from its tree right when I needed a bookmark. :)

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